Young Guv
Guv III & IV [Yellow Vinyl]


In the spring of 2020, Ben Cook - a.k.a. Young Governor, Young Guv, or just Guv - was holed up in the New Mexico high desert, his U.S. tour having been abruptly covid-cancelled during a southwest swing. He and his bandmates were living moment to moment in something called an Earthship, a solar-rigged adobe structure sustainably constructed with, among other things, recycled bottles and tires. And out there in the serene vastness, as a short ride-it-out stint turned into a nine-month sojourn, Ben was writing music, slowly, little by little, mostly at night while the others slept. By the New Year, almost in spite of himself, he had created a new album, two new albums actually, and through the ordeal he was forever changed.

In a place he never expected to be, under circumstances no one could have predicted, and in the face of physical isolation, emotional desolation, and existential dread, Ben created GUV III & IV, a collection of songs dedicated and testifying to the eternal healing power of love - how to find it in the world, in others, and most importantly, in himself.

Format / LP
Released / 07/15/2022
Catalogue / RFCR-240
Barcode / 810097911239
Artist / Young Guv
Label / Run for Cover
Genre / Pop / Rock