In most cases, no. If you are local to us, it's very likely it will be available for pickup on the day of release. For any orders that are shipping, we'll usually be shipping either on the street date or at best a couple days before the street date.

We will do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that we don't oversell. We will work with distributors and labels to guarantee stock where possible. In most cases, we will only put a percentage of our guarantee up for pre-sale, in an effort to further buffer any issues that may arise from shipping, allocations, etc. However, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE your pre-order. There will be very rare cases where we have to cancel orders. Trust us, before that happens we will try everything including consulting our friends at stores around the country to try to make sure your order is fulfilled.

Our standard policy is to ship the order when all items from the order are available. We recommend placing multiple pre-orders with closer street dates to avoid waiting a long time for a release that may already be available. We do have exceptions to these rules, and we'll always work with everyone to be as flexible as possible, but you'll need to communicate to our team for anything outside of our standard policy. Please email

In almost all cases, yes. However, sometimes after a street date is changed it may be a few weeks before we send updated street date information.

Yes, absolutely. Please reach out to for any cancellation requests or changes. Please note that if cancelling very close to the street date (i.e. a couple days before), there is a chance that the item may have already been boxed up and moved into processing, in which case we may not be able to cancel it, depending on where it is in our shipping process.

The best way to do this is to order your pre-order with the shipping costs. Leave a note at checkout and also reply to your order confirmation email afterwards letting us know you'd like to combine. We can refund the shipping costs and place in our holds section until you're ready to make your second (or third) order. We will refund all applicable shipping costs and ship all of those orders together whenever you are ready.

We charge when the record is ordered.

In most cases, when it's listed as sold out, we will be monitoring this and if we are able to get more stock to list for pre-order, we will! We also will almost ALWAYS hold back a certain percentage of our guarantee on stock so that we have stock on release day.

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