The Jellybean Bandits - The Jellybean Bandits [Yellow Vinyl]

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This freakbeat jelly belly delight showcases the Bandits’ vaudeville humor, garage rock & catchy psychedelic pop! Considered a cult classic, this mixed bag of candy-coated fuzz is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Our favored stereo mix, pressed on yellow vinyl! Newburgh, New York psych-punks the Jelly Bean Bandits formed in 1966. Originally known as “The Mirror,” the band regularly packed area nightspots like the local Trade Winds, Poughkeepsie's Buccaneer Nightclub, and Burlington, Vermont's Red Dog. In due time, they recorded a three-song demo reel that resulted in a three-album recording contract with Mainstream Records – however, unknown to Mainstream, these three songs represented the sum total of the Jelly Bean Bandits' repertoire, forcing the band to write enough additional material to flesh out a full-length LP in the course of a week.

Amazingly, their eponymous 1967 debut is excellent, a freakbeat cult classic distinguished by emotive guitar and some innovative production techniques – all the more impressive, the album was recorded in a single 12-hour stretch. Mainstream hated the end result, however, and dropped the Jelly Bean Bandits just as they were commencing work on the follow-up – only one song was completed before the sessions were aborted, leaving just one ‘60s studio album from these confectionary con-artists.

Format / LP
Released / 02/16/2023
Catalogue / SUND-5674C
Barcode / 090771567413
Artist / The Jellybean Bandits
Label / Sundazed Music
Genre / Pop / Rock

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