The Comets
The Comets


Of all the subcultural spores dispersed by the shockwave of Punk, the odds for a Brit-Pop, Jam-style Mod Revival sound germinating in a land-locked city in central Florida had to be tremendously slim. However, despite this low probability, the lack of tube stations at midnight and/or Eton rifles, or any type of local supporting scene or infrastructure, life finds a way. It also didn’t hurt that Comets guitarist and lead vocalist and songwriter, Mich Shields, was himself actually Anglo and not just an Anglophile and thus did not have to fake his English accent.

Educated in and inspired by the London Mod scene, Mich Shield began working up sets of material with drummer Brian Johnson and bassist Harry Burns in 1980. The nascent Comets were also lucky to have veteran music publisher and promoter Edward Clark Sanford catch wind and take in one of their earliest rehearsals. Impressed by what he saw and heard in person as well as by a demo recording cut by the group at the Bellamy Brothers studio, Sanford decided to manage and market The Comets; creating Orange Records and issuing the first Comets single, ‘See It In Writing’ b/w ‘Living The Answer’ in 1981.

Format / LP
Released / 07/15/2022
Catalogue / RDRR-13
Barcode / 196626573001
Artist / The Comets
Label / Reminder Records
Genre / Pop / Rock