Estrela Acesa [Turquoise Vinyl]

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Sergio Sayeg (aka Sessa) has always been entranced by what he calls “the mess” of music: the accidental, tortuous nature of it, a path on which musicians and audiences alike can attain a higher purpose. A love supreme, if you will. While Sessa’s 2019 debut Grandeza explored the corporeal pleasures and gentle drunkenness of being in love, his new album, Estrela Acesa (which translates as Burning Star), gazes up to the heavens and ponders love both sensuous and spiritual, in the throes of its resultant hangover.

São Paulo-born, at-home-everywhere, Sessa conceived of his new album as a bridge to connect the earthy and astral realms of music: “Estrela Acesa comes to remind people of how music grounds our existence in a meaningful way, with its potential to give roots to the divine in a modern world lacking in symbolic weight,” Sessa says. “Connections with the cosmos, gods, nature …in many cultures that means a relationship with music. I think life can be fulfilling and meaningful and music is one of those experiences.”

Sensuous joy courses through the twelve songs of Estrela Acesa. It is evident in the title itself, but also in the seductive sway and hushed poetry of Sessa’s music. It’s all right there in the concise two minutes of “Gostar do Mundo” (Taste for the World), the opening number. “I felt like I was watching behind.

Format / LP
Released / 06/24/2022
Catalogue / MXSU-313
Barcode / 184923131338
Artist / Sessa
Label / Mexican Summer
Genre / World