Randy Newman
Good Old Boys [Deluxe Edition]


Double vinyl LP pressing. Good Old Boys is the fourth studio album by Randy Newman, originally released in 1974. It was Newman's first album to obtain major commercial success, peaking at #36 on the Billboard 200. Good Old Boys was initially envisioned as a concept album about a character named Johnny Cutler, an everyman of the Deep South. Newman made a demo of these songs on February 1, 1973 that are featured on the second LP. As on his previous release, Newman addressed generally taboo topics such as slavery and racism, most stringently on the opening song "Rednecks", a simultaneous satire on institutional racism in the Deep South and the hypocrisy of the northern states in response.

Format / LP
Released / 07/22/2022
Catalogue / RHI-151
Barcode / 081227880026
Artist / Randy Newman
Label / Rhino
Genre / Pop / Rock