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The long awaited vinyl version including the unreleased original version of 'Taken Away' and the bonus album 'Demos, Cassettes, Adats and Floppies'.

The Detroit DJ/producer and icon, Moodymann (aka Kenny Dixon, Jr.) is releasing his new album 'Taken Away' on his KDJ Records label.  It follows his 2019 album 'Sinner,' which was also released on KDJ.

Featured artists: Amp Fiddler, Chico DeBarge, Sky Covington

Side A

  1. Do Wrong
  2. Taken Away

Side B

  1. I’m Already Hi
  2. Let Me In
  3. Goodbye Everybody

Side C

  1. Let Me Show You Love
  2. Slow Down

Side D

  1. Stay Awhile
  2. Taken Away (Original Mix)

Side E

  1. TiredofLooking4Utime4U2ComeLooking4Me
  2. We Wanna Party
  3. Cotton 4 Daze

Side F

  1. Pullup Selecta
  2. Thought About It
  3. I Got Werk
Format / LP
Released / 04/30/2021
Catalogue / KDJ​-​49
Barcode / 638302585606
Artist / Moodymann
Label / KDJ Records
Genre / Electronic