Master Of Puppets on Blackened Limited Edition Deluxe Numbered Reissue Box Set

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VINYL CONDITION: All 3 LP's are a Strong VG+ (all 3 have a slight warp that does not affect play). Side 4 Track 1 on the Aragon Ballroom set has a pressing bubble / defect that is not audible and does not affect play.

COVER CONDITION: Hinged Box is VG+ with corner wear and moderate overall wear (has a long white scratch on back). Cover for the Aragon Ballroom LP's is a Strong VG+ with minor corner wear. Cover for Master of Puppets is a Strong VG+ with minor corner wear.

NOTES: 2017 Reissue. #4385/25000. CD's / DVD's and the Cassette are all in excellent condition. Download card included but we can't guarantee it's still active. Book has minor corner wear. 

Records are graded using the Goldmine system, shown below for reference:

Sealed: Jacket sealed in shrink wrap or other original packaging. The vinyl in this case is sold as-is or not graded.

NM (Near Mint): No visible defects. No writing, stickers, spindle marks, or any other imperfections on label. Appears unplayed and unhandled.

VG++: May have some light wear including sleeve scuffs or other superficial marks that will not affect play.

VG+: Will have some light wear that may include sleeve scuffs, very light scratches, or other superficial marks.

VG: Similar imperfections to a VG+ record, but they're either more pronounced, or there is a higher number of imperfections.

VG-: Many light scratches or scuffs. Any record with an isolated defect such as a single scratch that can be felt with a fingernail will have a VG- grade or lower. The record will not skip but some noise is expected.

G: Many imperfections, including but not limited to scratches that can be felt with a fingernail. A lot of background noise, clicks, and pops should be expected with this grade.