Jay Madera
Anxious Armada


The Midwestern songwriter has announced the release of his debut studio album, Anxious Armada, out on March 26 via the Los Angeles independent record label, Pop Cautious Records. Madera was signed to Pop Cautious earlier this year. After local buzz and national radio airplay with his first few singles released over the past year, Anxious Armada is the musical muckraker’s first full artistic statement. With vulnerable subject matters and exacting lyricism, Madera’s diverse palettes of indie folk and rock prove to be a beacon for modern self-empowerment. Through eleven tracks that spread outward toward our current political climate while also remaining anchored by internal confession, Madera's unapologetic collection of songs reach emotional catharsis with heavy drum beats, rollicking vocal riffs, and a sometimes genuine, other-times-ironic, delivery. For fans of: The National, Father John Misty, Elvis Costello, & Andy Shauf.

Format / LP
Released / 03/21/2022
Catalogue / PCR-008
Barcode / JPCmp9283
Artist / Jay Madera
Label / Pop Cautious Records
Genre / Pop / Rock