Virga I [Clear Vinyl]

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Limited crystal-clear vinyl LP pressing. Virga I is the first album in a new ambient music series by Eluvium. Matthew Cooper, the composer behind the Eluvium moniker, explains: "I had recently been playing around with various forms of generative music and long-format looping - as well as practicing patience interacting with musical systems and recordings - hesitantly dueting with them, trying to keep things minimal while also encouraging as much depth as possible. It was really just something fun to privately experiment with for personal gain. I titled it Virga, after the drifting of rain we sometimes catch drooping on the horizon, disappearing before it reaches the ground."

Format / LP
Released / 02/21/2020
Catalogue / TMPR-3400C
Barcode / 656605334011
Artist / Eluvium
Label / Temporary Residence
Genre / Electronic