Declan McKenna
What Do You Think About The Car? [Yellow Vinyl]

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Release Date: 10/08/2021 Format: LPLabel: Columbia Release type: Translucent Yellow Vinyl EP Pressing What Do You Think About The Car? is the debut studio album by English singer-songwriter and musician Declan McKenna. It was released worldwide on July 21, 2017 through Columbia Records. This is the first time it is being issued on vinyl in the U.S.In 2015, at age 15, McKenna won the Glastonbury Festival's Emerging Talent Competition, and started writing songs for the album soon after, while still in school. He composed most of the album in his bedroom, and "Brazil" was written when he was 15. McKenna says, "The album is about me being playful and positive about not necessarily happy topics ... That's what I'm like as a character. I try not to be too distant from serious topics as well." The two go together. "Paracetamol" was written after learning about the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn and the media's representation of LGBT communities in general. Humongous Brazil The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home Mind Make Me Your Queen Isombard I Am Everyone Else Bethlehem Why Do You Feel So Down Paracetamol (New Edit) Listen To Your Friends

Format / LP
Released / 10/08/2021
Catalogue / SNY-990796
Barcode / 194399079614
Artist / Declan McKenna
Label / Sony
Genre / Pop / Rock