[DAMAGED] Factor Chandelier


**All of these copies have dinged corners, bent jackets, or seam splits

Western Canada-based prolific producer Factor Chandelier has a new solo collection of songs entitled “Eastlake.” The new instrumental LP takes you on a trip through the producer’s most personally expansive, raw and experimental work to date. Eastlake was written, recorded, mixed and produced following a flood in Factor’s studio during our global pandemic. These events fuelled a unique inspiration that sparked the creation of a new sound. Sonics weaving through genres, while remaining rooted in hip-hop, lead to moments of down-tempo and trip hop amidst electronic instrumental soundscapes. Factor Chandelier has been able to creatively evolve his sound with the ever-changing musical climate, showcasing originality, diversity and one-of-a-kind production on "Eastlake". The album immediately follows his culturally relevant 2020 collaborative EP with Myka 9, titled People Into Making Progress.

Format / LP
Released / 03/12/2021
Catalogue / FKFO-90
Barcode / 634457040625D
Artist / Factor Chandelier
Label / Fake Four Inc
Genre / Hip Hop