Buttering Trio


Foursome follows 2016's Threesome, and - fittingly - it’s even wilder. All four Buttering members are prolific collaborators outside the Trio, and their music together has always been the product of spontaneous creation and discovery. No agenda, no expectations. Their first full LP with Bresler behind the drums, Foursome emerged from four days in a Tel Aviv studio in 2020. After years of programming grooves, the album is also their first fully live set - every sound was written, arranged and recorded on the spot, blooming spontaneously from jams and then condensed into songs. "It felt like a lemon being squeezed," says Dun. "All those creative juices in such a dense time." The album is 12 tracks of sticky-sweet, smoke-filled grooves, as dreamy as they are danceable.

Format / LP
Released / 07/29/2022
Catalogue / RWTA-89
Barcode / 634457066724
Artist / Buttering Trio
Label / Raw Tapes Records
Genre / Pop / Rock