Buckcherry - Time Bomb [Metallic Brown with Black Swirl Vinyl]

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**This is the censored version of the album!!

The last album with the original line-up (plus guitarist Yogi Lonich), 2001's Time Bomb showed that, for Buckcherry, there was no place to go but down. And we mean WAY down…lead singer Josh Todd could have won the award for Rock Star Least Likely to Survive the Year after this record came out. Tracks like "Slit My Wrists," "Whiskey in the Morning," and "Porno Star" capture and celebrate a lifestyle decadent even by the standards of the band's Sunset Strip stomping grounds. Yet, Todd and Buckcherry are still rockin' over 20 years later...and Time Bomb holds up with its post-AC/DC/Aerosmith/Guns 'N' Roses/Mötley Crüe unholy racket. First time on vinyl, in a metallic brown with black swirl pressing complete with inner sleeve! Limited to 2,000 U.S. copies.

Format / LP
Released / 11/24/2023
Catalogue / RLGM-1578
Barcode / 848064015789
Artist / Buckcherry
Label / Real Gone Music
Genre / Pop / Rock

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