Baby Strange
World Below


Their new album picks up where Land Of Nothing left off, with the uniquely Baby Strange sound encased within haunting melodies, syncopated guitar riffs, four to the floor drums, huge bass lines and all blanketed under a cover of melancholy that pulls and tears on the listeners emotions. Written as a reaction to how the pandemic has played havoc with mental health, the increasingly visible class divide and the meteoric rise of food banks across the country – World Below is an album that plays to the paradox of the topics set out within. Equally dark and beautiful with pop melodies that sync with pure grit. The result is an album in the truest sense of the word - 10 songs that pull the listener through a myriad of textures, sounds and emotions, completed with an array of artwork that generates a visual accompaniment for the topics set out within.

Format / LP
Released / 07/22/2022
Catalogue / ICEA-330
Barcode / 7350049518398
Artist / Baby Strange
Label / Icons Creating Evil
Genre / Pop / Rock