Windhand - Windhand [Blue Vinyl]

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Richmond, VA may be known primarily for it's wicked thrash and crust punk scenes, but there's something evil lurking within that doomed old capital. Psyched-out ultra-Sabbathian amplifier worshippers Windhand, who boast ex-members of heavy riffters Facedowninshit and Alabama Thunderpussy within their ranks, have risen. The response from the press and fans alike has been immense. Cvlt Nation's review insists, "Windhand takes apocalyptic blues, puts it into a punk bong, lights it with a Sabbath lighter and exhales rad clouds made out of fuzzed out bliss... Windhand are way more than a band that you should be on the look out for, they are group of humans that will change the way your hear doom."

Format / LP Vinyl 
Released /  11/6/2015
Catalog / FFR-029
Barcode / PRRFFR00029 
Artist / Windhand 
Label / Forcefield Records
Genre / Punk / Metal 

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