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The Violent Femmes' 1983 self-titled debut is one of the most groundbreaking, important, influential, and enjoyable albums ever released, a musical testament that speaks to all dispossessed souls then, now, and probably forever. Influenced greatly by Jonathan Richman's modern lovers, the Femmes' minimalist sound pitted Gano's low-volume electric guitar against Brian ritchie's acoustic bass guitar and Victor de Lorenzo's ashcanlike homemade drum kit - all of which only served to make Gano's angst-ridden adolescent tirades more arresting. Highlights here are the rockabillyish 'Gone Daddy Gone,' the snotty 'Kiss Off,' and the emblematically nervous 'Blister In The Sun.'

Format / LP Vinyl
Released / 01/01/1983
Catalog / CRFCR-00108
Barcode / 888072055131
Artist / Violent Femmes
Label / Craft Recordings
Genre / Pop / Rock

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