Sonic Youth - The Eternal

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 Kind of living glue between late-70s post-punk and 90s alternative, 80s DIY indie and 00s net-age, tight pop and improvised noise, hard punk and hippie jams. After years on Geffen Records, Sonic Youth return to an indie label with their sixteenth studio album. "The Eternal" is a supercharged rocker, recalling aspects of the Evol-Sister-Daydream Nation holy trinity, but with cleaner, louder production and more straightforward momentum. With Pavement's Mark Ibold joining on bass, and producer John Agnello back at the controls, "The Eternal" takes the melodic songwriting of 2006's "Rather Ripped" and slams down the accelerator pedal. 

Format / LP
Released / 02/16/2010
Catalog / MAT-108293
Barcode / 744861082934
Artist / Sonic Youth
Label / Matador
Genre / Pop / Rock

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