Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains

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Vinyl LP pressing. After a decade in the wilderness, David Berman has returned to record-making - this time around as Purple Mountains, leaving his iconic Silver Jews brand to history. Fortunately for all the fans, he's retained his iconic songwriting style, with a new batch of tunes conveying an astonishing variety of 21st-century mid-life crises. Featuring full-on technicolor production intervention from Woods' Jarvis Taveniere and Jeremy Earle, Purple Mountains debut stands tall among Berman's classic albums, with knee-slappers and eye-wipers alike - ten new tracks ready to go into suffering jukeboxes across the land.

Format / LP Vinyl
Released / 07/12/2019
Catalog / DRGC-680
Barcode / 781484068013
Artist / Purple Mountains
Label / Drag City
Genre / Pop / Rock

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