Paul McCartney - Paul Is Live [Indie-Exclusive Baby Blue & Peach Vinyl]

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Paul Is Live, recorded during The New World Tour in 1993, was his fifth live album and is famous for its title’s double-meaning and rumor-scotching cover art. Since the release of Abbey Road in 1969, there had been hoax-fueled stories of Paul’s untimely death. The new title was a way of saying that was not the case. The artwork, a play on the Abbey Road cover, features Paul crossing the same street but wearing shoes and using his left hand. Baby Blue/Peachy White 180-gram 2 LP.

Format / LP 
Released / 01/27/2023
Catalog / CAP-5783681
Barcode / 602577285677
Artist / Paul McCartney
Label / MPL 
Genre / Pop / Rock

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