[DAMAGED] Monophonics
In Your Brain [Clear w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl]

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The record from San Francisco based band Monophonics entitled "In Your Brain" sits on the fuzzy psych side of soul and funk. Paying homage to innovators such as Sly Stone, Norman Whitfield and Funkedelic's George Clinton, the 6 piece outfit displays their ability to put a moody stamp on each composition. Touching on everything from cinematic soul, heavy funk, 60's rock and spaghetti western laced with yellow sunshine acid, the album is sure to leave you tuned in and turned on! Includes album download.

Colemine store purple splatter exclusive vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide

Format / LP Vinyl
Released / 10/01/2021
Catalog / URLP-299
Barcode / 780661129912D
Artist / Monophonics
Label / Ubiquity
Genre / Funk / Soul