Gord Downie
Battle Of The Nudes

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Gord Downie - "Battle Of The Nudes" Gord Downie's sophomore 2003 solo album, 'Battle Of The Nudes', "ranges from some sublime spoken word pieces to straightforward rock songs." Featuring a backing band credited as "Country of Miracles" including Julie Doiron, Josh Finlayson and members of experimental blues-rock band The Dinner Is Ruined, the album leaned closer to more traditional rock than it's predecessor, but no less filled with Downie's singular poetry. *First ever vinyl pressing*

Format / LP
Released / 02/23/2018
Catalog / ARCR-143111
Barcode / 827590143111
Artist / Gord Downie
Label / Arts & Crafts
Genre / Pop / Rock