Devil's Witches - Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures [10"]

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This two track release is unique in many ways. First, Andy Shardlow from The King's Pistol features as guest bassist on both tracks. Andy has guested on tracks for a split EP before with Saint Karloff and is a fan favourite bass player. Having him on this Devil's Witches release is a great inclusion. Also, the opening title track 'Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures' introduces another new guest in the form of lead guitar player Daniel Jones. Daniel is known online as East London Blues and famously did a much-loved cover version of the Devil's Witches track 'Motorpsycho'. Having Daniel appear on an official release will be a real treat for fans. His guitar work brings a fantastic new vibe to the band. This being his debut release with Devil's Witches, it is sure to become a collector's item.

Lastly the track 'Cross My Path, I'll Cross Your Face' marks a style shift from stoner doom rock to full-on dark Country music for Devil's Witches, complete with trotting acoustic guitar, slide guitar and Hank Marvin twang. It sits in a world between Kriss Kristofferson, Johnny Cash and contemporary singer songwriter. This will be a completely unexpected genre shift and will be marked by RSD. The track is an old west fictional narrative based on an event affecting the lead performer's friend. She was stabbed outside of her house and robbed. It takes inspiration from the Clint Eastwood movie 'Unforgiven' and brings it together with the reality of knife crime in Britain and cathartic fantasy justice. It is sure to be the most special aspect of this UK RSD release.

Format / LP Vinyl
Released / 08/29/2020
Catalog / MJMO8
Barcode / 7350-074242053
Artist / Devil's Witches
Label / Majestic Mountain Records
Genre / Punk / Metal

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