The Chosen One [Pink Marbled Vinyl]



Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. According to guitarist Matteo Di Gioia, going into the writing of The Chosen One, Destrage's fifth full-length, the plan was simple: "No bullshit. No half-baked or lukewarm stuff. No self-indulgence. No 'Okay, let's keep that because it's pretty good and we're friends' weak ass attitude." The results speak for themselves, building upon their already exemplary discography with humbling self-assurance. At the same time, it is very much an empowering record, encouraging both the members themselves and others to make peace with choices taken.

Format / LP Vinyl
Released / 05/24/2019
Catalog / MTB-156475
Barcode / 039841564754
Artist / Destrage
Label / Metal Blade Records
Genre / Punk / Metal