Aaron Frazer
Introducing [Plaid Room Records Exclusive Purple & Blue Nebula Vinyl]

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Soft-spoken with the look of a slightly disaffected 1950s matinee idol, Aaron Frazer possesses a unique voice that’s both contemporary and timeless. On Introducing... - his debut solo album produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, co-released on Easy Eye Sound and Dead Oceans - Aaron melds mid-‘60s soul with Auerbach’s particular sensibilities, songs with a message in the key of Gil Scott-Heron, and uplifting tales of love told through a blend of disco, gospel, and doo-wop.

Format / LP
Released / 8th January 2021
Catalogue / DOC220LP-C1     
Barcode / 656605152042
Artist / Aaron Frazer
Label / Dead Oceans
Genre / Funk & Soul