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Record Store Day at Plaid Room!

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We're so excited for Record Store Day 2019! It's a great list and we are going to do our best to make this a great experience for all of our wonderful customers! To find out more about this year's releases, here's a link to the COMPLETE RSD LIST! This page is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions we get leading up to RSD, however if you have anything that's not answered here, please shoot us an email at

Record Store Day is a day dedicated to independent brick & mortar record stores and the products offered are designed to incentivize folks to go visit their local record store on Record Store Day, which is Saturday, April 13. You cannot pre-order or have RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask. Below are some common questions regarding RSD so we hope this will help make the day as smooth as possible.

Do you know how many of __________  you'll be getting? Despite some well perpetuated myths, the number of copies of a title a shop gets depends mostly on how many that shop orders. It's true that many titles will be allocated and orders will be cut down, but even then it mostly depends on how many that shop ordered. For example, if there are 2500 copies of a box set by Dave Matthews Band available, but shops in the US place orders for 25,000 copies, obviously orders are going to be cut down significantly. The best way to ensure we'll have the products you want is to fill out our interest survey as this informs our ordering greatly. It's proven to help a great deal in previous years so the more people that fill it out, the more helpful it is!

How will I know how many copies of __________ you all received? If you scroll down on this page, as we check items into inventory, it will display how many we have in stock. The week of RSD is pretty busy and we will likely be checking items into inventory late into Friday evening. But this page updates live as we check items in and as items are checked out on RSD.

Your site says you only have 1 copy of Soul Slabs Vol. 2, is that all you're getting? RSD products come from many different distributors and our final inventory quantity won't be accurate until late Friday evening once all items have been checked in.

How much will ___________ be? By the Thursday or Friday before RSD, this page will be populated with 99% of the titles for RSD and prices will be listed. For example, our box set we are releasing is already listed below with its price.

How many copies can I buy of each title? No more than one copy of any RSD title per customer.

What time do you open on Saturday? 8:00am sharp with complimentary donuts and coffee!

How early can I line up? That's up to you! In previous years, we've had people start lining up in the afternoon on Friday and we usually have at least 15-30 people that camp out overnight. Between 5:30am and 6:30am on Saturday morning, we will come out and issue numbers to everyone currently in line and "release" them from line so that they can get breakfast, coffee, beer, etc. at all the local businesses that open early around us for RSD. For folks that show up after 8:00am, we will still assign you a number so that you can wander around downtown Loveland until we are close to serving your number. Refer to the "Now Serving" at the top of this page :)




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