Genevieve Artadi
Forever Forever


“Forever Forever” is the new album by Genevieve Artadi, the LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and Dr. Mario enthusiast (“I keep my Switch in my back pocket most days”). Genevieve hails from the scarily talented crew that includes Louis Cole, Pedro Martins, Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes, Jacob Mann and Chiquita Magic, bearing a similar foundation of classical and jazz traditions offset with a healthy punk attitude and passion for musical hybridity and fusion.

“Forever Forever” encompasses a truly kaleidoscopic range of influences, making it impossible to pin down stylistically. Rooted in jazz, but winding up at alternative rock or avant pop, it’s in the lineage of legendary boundary-testers Stereolab and Talking Heads.

A creative tornado, Genevieve is known for being the force in KNOWER, Expensive Magnets and her former band Pollyn, signing to Brainfeeder to release a sparkling solo album “Dizzy Strange Summer” in 2020. The following year she also collaborated with Thundercat, Raedio and Louis Cole on ‘Satellite Space Age Edition’ for the Insecure Season 5 soundtrack (HBO).

Format / LP
Released / 03/17/2023
Catalogue / BF-132
Barcode / 5054429171440
Artist / Genevieve Artadi 
Label / Brainfeeder
Genre / Pop / Rock