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Record Store Day Black Friday at Plaid Room!

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We're so excited for Record Store Day Black Friday 2019! It's a great list and we are going to do our best to make this a great experience for all of our wonderful customers! To find out more about this year's releases, here's a link to the COMPLETE RSD LIST! This page is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions we get leading up to RSD BF, however if you have anything that's not answered here, please shoot us an email at

Record Store Day Black Friday is a day dedicated to independent brick & mortar record stores and the products offered are designed to incentivize folks to go visit their local record store on Record Store Day Black Friday, which is Friday, November 29th. You cannot pre-order or have RSD items placed on hold, as this violates the pledge we have signed with RSD, so please don't ask.

Remaining stock will be available for purchase at 8 a.m. EST the following day (November 30th).

A few very important notes regarding online orders:

- Items in your cart are NOT reserved for you. Our cart system works like MANY other online retailers, in that items are not reserved until the checkout process is completed. We realize this may be problematic for some folks, as some people are used to ticketing websites that have a hold feature enabled. We do not and will not have this capability, so please be warned of this BEFORE you order.

- "Add To Cart" buttons will appear on THIS PAGE first, and not on individual product pages. Product pages will update with add to cart buttons between 8:00 and 8:10, it will not happen immediately. 

- We DO NOT ship internationally. Many of the distributors we source product from have export restrictions and we would risk losing our accounts with them if we were to sell internationally. Sorry!





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