Big News From Plaid Room!!

So as many of you know, our current location has been slowly filling up as we have grown and we've been working on purchasing a nearby building for about seven months now. Well, we finally closed on the building and have the keys!! So we figured we would send out an email detailing our transition to a new location. So here are some questions we've heard so far that I'll go ahead and answer now :)

When will you guys officially move?
We don't have a firm date yet, but we are shooting for mid to late September.

Where is the new location?
The new store will be at 122 West Loveland Avenue, Loveland, OH, 45140. It's right across the street from us next to Paxton's and The Loveland Sweet Shoppe.

Why are you moving?
Our shop and label are expanding rapidly and in order to continue growing we need more space.

Will you be open at the current location until the move?
We will remain open until the week before the official move (date TBD). We expect to have one last blowout at the old  location, then close down on Monday and reopen the following Saturday at the new spot.

How will you build the new shop if you're still running the old shop?
We are going to start closing at 7pm on Monday-Thursday in order to make sure we get the new place done in time.

How much bigger is the new location?
Right now, the current retail space for our shop is just under 900 square feet. The new location will have around 2200 usable square feet for the store :)

What are you going to do with the upstairs at the new building?
The upstairs will be a workspace and venue managed by Whitney Pelfrey called The Tupelo House. It will be a woman-focused creative co-working space and venue. To follow the progress upstairs, keep on eye on their Instagram.

Are you guys still going to be recording music at the new location?
Absolutely! In fact, our studio is a big part of making this move. The new location has a 1000 square foot basement that will house the Colemine Records analog studio.

Where will I park?
You can park where you've always parked :) It's just across the street. OR you can park behind our new location as there is plenty of parking nearby. Either one is fine.

What else will change about the new location?
With the new space we hope to bring in more live music, serve beer, host more events, stock more records, and just generally ramp up what we are doing with our shop.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. We are very excited to get going on the new location and can't wait for everyone to see it! Thanks for all your support over the last 3+ years. Without that, there is no way we would be making this big move!


July 01, 2018 — Robert Cole


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